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our history


In 1875 Mr. James Mowl opened his home, Hedley House, for a Sunday evening service. By January 1876 the numbers had so grown that the Worth Mission Hall in New Street, Three Bridges had to be built and this was further extended in 1884. Mr. Mowl led the work for 23 years as superintendent; the Evangelisation Society providing many of the Sunday preachers. The Membership of the Church was formed in 1933; prospective members were asked to give assent to the Basis of Faith.

The land on which the present building stands was purchased in 1958. The present Church was dedicated and opened on the 21st September 1963. A major extension was completed on 30th September 2000 turning the old church building into the hall and creating a new worship area seating some 250 people with a small hall, office, toilet facilities and some showers.

The Church has been served over the years by many godly men, the following being those who have served in a Pastoral capacity – Mr. Gladstone Moore (1946-67); Rev. Edwin Purse (1962-65); Rev. Russell Brett (1967-70); Rev. Ronald Wells (1971-78); Rev. Graham Stevens (1979-87); Rev. Ronald Wells (1989-90), Rev. Roland Fidge (1990-1996) and Rev. Colin D Jones (1996-2017). Nigel Stokes worked with us as Assistant Pastor from 2011-2014. Roger Barden (2017-present) and Tom Adams as an assistant pastor (2020-present).

Construction of the new Three Bridges Free Church - 1963

Construction of the new Three Bridges Free Church - 1963

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'Construction of the new Three Bridges Free Church', filmed by Gladstone E Moore in 1963.     

Mr Moore documented many local parish milestones on film including weddings, Sunday School outings and the development of Crawley following the 1946 New Town Act.  The Gladstone Moore film collection (including the full version of this video) is preserved by Screen Archive South East at the University of Brighton and can be viewed here

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