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Bosco & Heidi Bukeera - Emmanuel Baptist Church, Ssenge, Uganda (UFM)

Bosco and Heidi were sent by Three Bridges Free Church in 2019 to plant a Reformed Bible-teaching church in Bosco’s home nation of Uganda. As the Pastor, Bosco leads and coordinates preaching, evangelism, discipleship and training others for ministry.



Andrew & Bethanie Walker - Mendoza, Argentina (Crosslinks)

Andrew and Bethanie lead a small Anglican church in Mendoza, in the far west of Argentina. Before Andrew and Bethanie moved to the city in January 2020, the church had been without a full-time pastor for 13 years. Andrew and Bethanie’s current focus is on pastoral ministry and evangelism, with the long-term aim of developing church leadership training. 

Gani & Adile Smolica - Kosovo (European Christian Mission)

Gani and Adile are doing church planting and development. This includes: evangelism, discipleship, training, preaching, visiting etc. There is ministry with children and youth at the church on Friday and Sunday, a regular meetings for men and women.



Philippe & Joanne Mayhew - Donnemarie & Provins, France

Philippe was the Pastor of the evangelical church in Donnemarie, located about 1 hour south-east of Paris. They are currently in the process of moving to and planting a church in the neighbouring town of Provins.



Pastor Roan Balanquit - Las Navas Church, Samar, The Philippines

Pastor Roan leads a growing church on the Islands of Samar, birth place of one of our members Nelson Lucero who helped to plant the church.


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